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I need help with changing paper morph properties in a specified character?

Asked by 11 months ago

Im trying to take a paper morph, and be able to "change" parts in it.(for example, I want to turn some parts inside the paper morph transparent).,I have a gui, hooked up to a remote serverevent, that in turn is hook up to another remote event(as seen below) the main problem I am having is getting the morph on the player to change. not the original morph itself but heres the problem:

local BindableEvent = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("BindableEvent")

BindableEvent.Event:Connect(function()--this is from a remote event-- game.Workspace.NAME OF PLAYER.Chest.Dapart.Brickcolor ="Really red") end)

I dont know how I can specify the player to finish this directory. If I put my own name in then it works fine BUT how can I get the name of the player who made the change to their characters morph?

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Answered by 11 months ago

Instead of using a BindableEvent to do this, use a RemoteEvent. Also, please format your code in code block by pressing the blue Lua icon and pasting the code in between the tildes.

local RemoteEvent = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("RemoteEvent")

   player.Character.Chest.Dapart.BrickColor ="Really red") 

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