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ROBLOX corpse despawn time?

Asked by 2 years ago

How can I make it so that when a player dies, their body will stay there even after they have re spawned. Of course it cannot be permanent either, or else the body pile up would cause lag. So I need a timer. Can anyone help?

You have to use a script to clone the player the second they die and then have it ragdoll. You'll want to have the body be false on Anchored and true on CanCollide for a few seconds while it sets in the environment, and then after say 3 or so seconds, depending, have it Anchor and CanCollide become false. After this, the script should finally perform one remaining function: Wait() and Destroy. Char187 0 — 2y
Or you can just parent it some place else, as long as you don't parent it directly to workspace it won't despawn. If you want it to disappear in a certain amount of time you could also use debris. Chrysophrase 4 — 2y

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