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I want a answer on a question? [closed]

Asked by 9 months ago

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remote function or remote events. when to use which one?


I have a question.

Whats the different between RemoteEvent and RemoteFunctions???

research plz :c TheeDeathCaster 2141 — 9mo

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Answered by
GingeyLol 325 Moderation Voter
9 months ago
Edited 9 months ago

"The first difference is that RemoteFunctions are designed for two way communication, while RemoteEvents are designed for one way."

"Another major difference between the two is how they are handled. RemoteEvents use the Roblox event system. This means that any number of scripts can listen for the event to fire, and they can each handle that firing in different ways. RemoteFunctions on the other hand use a callback. For every RemoteFunction, only one callback can be defined on the server and only one for each client."

"The last difference is how many different targets remote events and functions can have. For both Remote Events and Functions, a client can contact the server and the server can contact the client. In the case of RemoteEvents, the server can also contact every client at the same time."

Basically, RemoteEvents are meant for one way communication and to send requests and the server can "contact" every client at the same time using Roblox's "event" system.

RemoteFunctions can communicate to Server-Client, Client-Server, and Client-Client while RemoteEvents can only handle Server-Client and Client-Server.

"Invoking a client is very similar to invoking the server, except in this case the invocation has to pass the player to invoke. The function used to do this is InvokeClient."

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