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How to create a gamemode selection screen? [closed]

Asked by 2 years ago

Hi Im working on a new game and i need to make a gamemode selection panel like in murder Mystery 2 once you click on one of these buttons it would check for any open servers and send you to one, if their are not any it will create one and send you to it, how would i go about doing this Thanks

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Answered by 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago

You did NO research by the looks of this because this is not hard to find. Also, ask more specific questions, you can't ask us to tell you how to make a whole teleportation menu.

Some useful wiki links about teleportservice to get you started

These are for teleporting the player to another place inside your game, notice: It will automaticly create one if it can't find one, that's nothing you should do. Same with checking for servers, that's also nothing you have to do!

To test for a button click in case you don't know, note: Needs to be a local script inside the button

button = script.Parent

    -- code

These are also very good links

So 1) Create your menu

2) Read the links I have included here

3) Make another place if you haven't made one yet

4) Find the ID and get the teleporting service to work

5) Bug fixing (boring but neccesary! :P)

6) optional: Improve your gui, you should do this last because the scripting is more important for this

If you still have any questions, please comment them, and please mark this as best answer.