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My intro is not working when I play the actual game, but when I test in RS It works!???

Asked by 1 year ago

Hi, When I Test my intro on Roblox Studio when I click PLAY, it works 100% fine! But When I actually go into the game, it just doesn't work. Is it a local script? What's wrong with it??

The main script:

local Screen = script.Parent local Config = Screen.Config local Filter = Screen.Filter local Content = Screen.Content

function FilterFade(start,finish,step) for i = start,finish,0.01/step do Filter.BackgroundTransparency = i wait() end Filter.BackgroundTransparency = finish end

Filter.Visible = true for _,image in pairs(Content:GetChildren()) do image.Visible = false end wait(Config.Padding_Time.Value) for _,image in pairs(Content:GetChildren()) do image.Visible = true FilterFade(0,1,Config.Fade_Time.Value) wait(Config.Display_Time.Value) FilterFade(1,0,-Config.Fade_Time.Value) image.Visible = false wait(Config.Display_Time.Value) end wait(Config.Padding_Time.Value) Screen.Background.Visible = false FilterFade(0,1,Config.Fade_Time.Value)


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