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Why is my part only welding to me when my character first spawns?

Asked by 9 days ago
                local boombox = game.ReplicatedStorage.Models.Assets.Boombox:Clone()
                boombox.CFrame = char:WaitForChild("UpperTorso").CFrame
                local weld ="Weld", boombox)
                weld.Part0 = char:WaitForChild("UpperTorso")
                weld.Part1 = boombox
                weld.C0 =, 0, 1)*CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0, math.pi, math.pi/4)
                local sound ="Sound", boombox)
                sound.Name = "Music"
                sound.Volume = .7
                sound.Looped = true
                boombox.Mesh.MeshId = "rbxassetid://" .. shopInfo.RadioSkins[player:WaitForChild("ValuesFolder").Equipped.Radio.Value][2]
                boombox.Mesh.TextureId = "rbxassetid://" .. shopInfo.RadioSkins[player:WaitForChild("ValuesFolder").Equipped.Radio.Value][3]
                boombox.Mesh.Scale =[player:WaitForChild("ValuesFolder").Equipped.Radio.Value][7], shopInfo.RadioSkins[player:WaitForChild("ValuesFolder").Equipped.Radio.Value][7], shopInfo.RadioSkins[player:WaitForChild("ValuesFolder").Equipped.Radio.Value][7])
                boombox.Parent = char

My boombox welds to me when I first join the game and my character spawns, but every time after that it just moves to my UpperTorso and falls into the oblivion as in it isn't being welded or something? Help appreciated, thanks!

You forgot a parenthesis. hiimgoodpack 1378 — 9d
Also, learn about variables. hiimgoodpack 1378 — 9d


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