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I can not get my boat to rotate/turn?

Asked by 1 year ago

I made a nice boat but I am having trouble, the boat will only go forward and will not turn can someone look at the script and tell me what is wrong?


local seat,main = script.Parent.VehicleSeat,script.Parent.Main local move,gyro = main.Move,main.Gyro

function Control() gyro.cframe = CFrame.new(main.CFrame.lookVector,(main.CFrame.lookVector2)) main.Anchored = false while (true) do local max = seat.MaxSpeed local spdRatio = (main.Velocity.magnitude/(max == 0 and 1 or max)) spdRatio = (spdRatio < -1 and -1 or spdRatio > 1 and 1 or spdRatio) gyro.cframe = (gyro.cframeCFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(-seat.Steerseat.TurnSpeedspdRatio),0)) move.velocity = (main.CFrame.lookVector(maxseat.Throttle)) wait(0.1) end end


Please could you properly format your code so it's understandable for SH Community so the helping process is faster? The button that you need to click is https://gyazo.com/06a84d5605cbad36039dd07cdd6ebbc8 put the code inside. iDarkGames 320 — 1y
^^ FiredDusk 1443 — 1y

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