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In need of a Save Instance replacement, anyone got one?

Asked by
Cuvette 242
1 year ago
Edited 1 year ago

Hi, I've had to try using Save/Load Instance to save a players house in one of my games. The only problem is, Data Persistence is quite outdated and barely works at times, and most of the time the player houses in my game won't save but do on the rare occasion.

Not long back I remember seeing someone had done this quite easily in a DataStore and I really cannot remember the source. If anyone has a relatively quick way of saving a model to a DataStore please get back to me!


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Answered by
tkcmdr 321 Community Moderator
1 year ago

Hey Cuvette,

You can indeed save the house data to DataStore by way of SetAsync and UpdateAsync, both methods of GlobalDataStore. The Wiki page:

Keep in mind, you cannot save instances to a GlobalDataStore. You can, however, get away with saving a tables like this to DataStore:

local position = part.Position;

    Position        = {
        x = position.x;
        y = position.y;
        z = position.z;

    BrickColor  = part.BrickColor.Name;
    -- ...

Rinse and repeat for each part in the house and save each entry in a list. Publish the list using DataStore, and get it back using GetAsync. When you retrieve the list, iterate over it and use a function like this to render each entry:

local function ConvertEntry(entry)
    local part      ="Part", path.To.Parent);
    local position  = entry.Position;

    part.BrickColor     =;
    part.Position       =, position.y, position.z);

There are other ways you might achieve this. If your house behaves more like a tycoon, you might make an entry for each available upgrade:

-- If an item is true, it's been unlocked, and vice versa.
    Walls       = true;
    Roof            = true;
    KitchenSink = false;

    -- And so on.

Again, you'd iterate over this table and render the respective prefabricated upgrades depending on their respective upgrade values.

I highly recommend checking out the following Wiki pages to learn more:

Have a nice day, Cuvette, and best of luck with your game!

Warm regards, tkcmdr

Thanks for the answer, I was hoping there would be a quicker way to do this, as most of the models inside the house have scripts, intValues and all sorts inside them. It would be easier to use Data Persistance if it worked properly. Cuvette 242 — 1y
Ouch, bud. Sorry to hear that. I'd recommend looking into a more efficient (and easily modifiable) method to making future games. If I may, I'd like to suggest checking an example place I made: tkcmdr 321 — 1y

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