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Looping a short animation or or a long animation? [optimization, answered in discord]

Asked by 3 years ago
Edited 3 years ago


Was answered in Discord. Apparently there really is no difference (apart from long animations taking longer to load first time). So short animations are preferable.

I would like to know which form of animating is better for a 'static' animation (meaning the character just stays in one position).

Would replaying a short animation (<1 sec) be more efficient than replaying a long one (>5 sec)?

To put this into context, I am making animations for the slightly-overused poses of 'At Ease' and 'Bow' (AKA 'Salute'). I am trying to figure out which one of the above options causes less lag.

Thank you!


Seems futile. User#11440 109 — 3y

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