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How do I set the CFrame of a moving model without affecting the whole thing?

Asked by 3 years ago

Alright, so I have a tank and whenever I sit in the seat, the barrel of the tank is supposed to always face the mouse. The problem is however, the whole tank moves with the barrel! FYI - The barrrel is welded to the tank, and if I unwelded the barrel, it would just fall off. How can I make the barrel face my mouse and not the rest of the tank?

This is what I used to face the barrel towards the mouse (and the rest of the tank)

function move(target)-- target is basically the mouse.Target
    if script.Parent.Parent:findFirstChild("Hole") and hole:FindFirstChild("BodyGyro") then
    local mp = hole
    local dir = (target - mp.Position).unit
    local pos = mp.Position + (dir*1)
    mp.BodyGyro.cframe =, pos + dir)
    mp.BodyGyro.maxTorque =,9000,9000)
Use a weld to weld the gun to the tank. Then use the cframe property of the weld to rotate the gun rather than the whole model. AZDev 572 — 3y
thank you so much i forgot you can use the weld CFrame !! laughablehaha 489 — 3y
No problem AZDev 572 — 3y

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