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How would I structure a Data Store?

Asked by 3 years ago

I plan on saving customizable user items in a data store, but my problem is how would I structure it?

Lets say there there are 20 types of bikes the user can customize in 7 different category's (Wheels, color, handle bars ETC. ), would I make 20 different data stores with 5 tables in them? Or would I make 1 datastore and somehow cram all the info into a table?


Bike format:

       |--wheels (7 options to pick from)
       |--paint (7 options to pick from)

bike 1 --| bars (7 options to pick from)

There are 20 different types of bikes total. How would I save all that information. Multiple data stores?

1 answer

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Answered by 3 years ago

Since datastores can save tables, this is very easy.

local ds = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("DataStoreName")
local defaultItems = { -- this will be what the player gets if they're new to the game
"AwesomeHat", -- idk some random item name
"CoolBeans", -- another random one
-- add more of the items you want
local data = {} -- where all the players data is stored for everyone in the server

local tab = ds:GetAsync(plr.userId)
if not tab then tab = defaultItems end -- if they're a new player set to the default table
local found = false

for i = 1,#data do -- makes it so multiple data's aren't stored in the data tab
if data[i][1] == plr.Name then
found = true

if found == false then


local tab = nil
for i = 1,#data do
if data[i][1] == plr.Name then
tab = data[i][2]

ds:SetAsync(plr.userId,tab) -- saves their data

Hopefully that helps a bit..

I dont think you understood the question. One bike can be customized in several ways. I want all 20 bikes to have all their features saved the way the player set them to. Orlando777 315 — 3y
That's what the tables for. It saves their features and can be loaded the next time it's needed... ObscureEntity 294 — 3y
I edited the question. I know what tables do. But technically speaking I would have to put a table in a table. Is it possible to just create multiple data stores? Orlando777 315 — 3y
if you want different bikes then you can just save other tables inside that table ObscureEntity 294 — 3y
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local tab = { {"Bike1",{"Bikeattachment1","BikeAttachment2"}},{"Bike2",{"BikeAttachment1",BikeAttachment2}}} ObscureEntity 294 — 3y
Btw, that doesnt seem to work. I cant seem to access Bikeattachment1 or 2, it says its nil. Orlando777 315 — 3y
it would be: local tab = {Bike1 = {"Bikeattachment1","BikeAttachment2"},Bike2 = {"Bikeattachment1","BikeAttachment2"}} Orlando777 315 — 3y
you can't do that with datastores. You can't do things like Bike1 = hdsgkjasdhsd. To get the data it's like tab[1][1] to get bike attachment 1. ObscureEntity 294 — 3y

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