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How can you make so that characters can reset when the CharacterAutoLoad is false?

Asked by 7 years ago

So this is my script so far:

local Players = Game:GetService("Players")
Players.CharacterAutoLoads = false
local char = game.Workspace.Part
game.Players.WiseDumbledore.Character = char
game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraSubject = char.Humanoid

As you can see what I am trying to do is to make the player control a part. The part has a Head and a Humanoid. However sincePlayers.CharacterAutoLoads = false when I reset, the character does not load, this is the same with other people, what should I do? If I removed the Players.CharacterAutoLoads = false the Character will auto load so it is no longer CameraSubject to char.Humanoid

Thanks -WiseDumbledore

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