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How do I make a shop GUI appear after talking to an NPC?

Asked by 5 years ago

So a basic conversation with the NPC would look like this:

NPC - What can I do for you? You - I'd like to see your wares, please. NPC - Certainly. --- this is where GUI would appear.

Anyone know how to make this possible?

0 EmergencyAlt2 50 — 5y
I spent awhile trying to figure this out and didn't have success. Most people put a invisible pad in front of the NPC so you'll stop on the pad and it will make your Shop Visible. Here are some things you may want to know that might help you. When you use Dialog choice in a game and open it, a script will appear when you click something, it will be called ReenableDialogScript. I tried using a Wait alphawolvess 1784 — 5y
... I tried using a WaitForChild("ReenableDialogScript") part in multiple ways yet no go. So maybe you can use this information and get it to work or figure something out. Sorry, best of luck! alphawolvess 1784 — 5y
There is an event called the 'DialogChoiceSelected', which will fire when a certain Dialog is clicked on. [] TheeDeathCaster 2319 — 5y

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