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How do I weld a sword to my hand? (Not Mesh, but multiple parts)

Asked by 7 days ago
Edited 7 days ago

So I'm making a game and I have different classes, but I can't seem to Weld a Group of parts (Or parts that are inside another part) to my Right and Left hand, cause that is the only way for me to make a Dual Wield I have tried using qPerfection's Weld Script, but that seems to dissapear if I put the character as a startercharacter instead of a model

-- I want to make it so, if I put my character as a StarterCharacter, The Group of parts are still wielded to the Left/Right Hand

-- Sadly, I cannot give any scripts as there's none..

use weldcontrait acediamondn123 73 — 7d
thank you! qMrSpooky 18 — 6d

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