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How do I allow camera ghosting?

Asked by 7 days ago
Edited 7 days ago

Here's what I mean by Camera ghosting: Firstly go into first person than scroll your middle mouse just a little bit backwards. In most games you'll see that your camera zoomed out a little bit and you see youself as opaque. However in some games I discover like "Jupiter's towers of hecc" and "arenoir's difficulty chart" they allow camera ghosting so that when you scroll your middle mouse a bit backwards you don't see yourself as opaque but as translucent instead. Sorry if this question is a bit confusing, but are there any script models that allow this? I haven't found one which had this function available. If there is any please share it, all help is appreciated and thanks for your time

[edit] i found one that allows you to do so but it only works in studio and not in the main game

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