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How can I make it so donating robux from a donation will log it into a discord server?

Asked by
pnuros -2
8 days ago

So I want to make it so whenever someone donates robux, their username and the donation amount gets logged into my discord server.

Do you know how to script and/or program a Discord bot? radiant_Light203 804 — 7d
im using a webhook pnuros -2 — 7d
It shouldn't be too hard then. Send a webhook request whenever someone donates, use this for reference: radiant_Light203 804 — 7d
im not very good with scripting can you help me make it? pnuros -2 — 7d
Dude, this ain't a request site, please try to figure out the script yourself, you can't ask too much in here kay? NGC4637 227 — 6d

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