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[UNSOLVED] Animation script not playing on rigged skinned mesh??

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L30N_C 20
15 days ago
Edited 15 days ago

Ok so. I have just learn how roblox skinned meshes work. And i have made a skinned mesh with an animation.

I want the animation to loop in game but the** animation is not playing**.

I have inserted a humanoid into the model where the mesh are so the animation should play.

Here is the script I made:

local animation = script:WaitForChild("Open")
local Mesh = script.Parent:WaitForChild('Cabinet')
local OpenAnim = Mesh:LoadAnimation(animation)
while true do

as you may see, the mesh is a cabinet that should open when you hit play but nope.

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Answered by 14 days ago

I never used skinned meshes before, but i think you need a animation controller to use those.


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