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Guis Appear Too Small on Mobile Devices How Can I Fix This?

Asked by 1 month ago

This is probably not the appropriate place to get some help with this issue, but I'm having some issues regarding sizing my GUI buttons. I'm aware of the size numbers being on scale rather than offset; however, my issue is that whenever I test for mobile: the buttons and frames appear too small, ultimately making it hard to play. I was considering making different layouts for pc and mobile players, however, some people have said that it's not a good practice as it takes longer to get the job done; moreover, it ultimately causes "memory redundancy." I've tried using anchor point, constraints, and plugins to resolve my issue, however, none have been successful. If anyone could give me some suggestions or advice as to what I can do, I'd greatly appreciate it!

"Average Laptop":

"iPhone X":

If the screen size in pixels is below a set amount, just adjust the scale to a value that suites the size. Hacreey 49 — 1mo
At times, sizing Offset can mess up the sizing, try to have 0 offset and go with scale only. RazzyPlayz 465 — 1mo

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