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How do I change text for all players via a LocalScript by using a RemoteEvent?

Asked by 6 days ago

I have a text box inside the player's StarterGui and a LocalScript inside it with the following contents:

local textHeader = workspace.Screen.SurfaceGui.Frame.header
local textHeader2 = workspace.Screen2.SurfaceGui.Frame.header

        if enterPressed then
            textHeader.Text = script.Parent.Text
            textHeader2.Text = script.Parent.Text

Basically, I have a part which has a SurfaceGui and a TextLabel inside it (in this case "textHeader" and "textHeader2"), and I'm trying to make it so that when a player types in text into their textbox which appears from their StarterGui, it will change the value of that text for all players, not just locally.

How would I go along with doing this? I'm not too familiar with RemoteEvents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FireAllClients() if you want it to be for every client, FireClient(player) if you want to fire to a specific client DeceptiveCaster 3513 — 6d

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