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How to fix WeldConstraints Glitching and Flinging Everywhere?

Asked by 2 months ago

I have made a script that connects all of the lines and dots together but when I unanchored them the parts just start glitched and jumping, and when my character touches them it flings me, I don't know how to upload pictures or videos but this is the code I used to connect them, I did not want to show the whole code since this is the only information that actually welds them together.

    local Weld1 ="WeldConstraint")
    Weld1.Part0 = Line
    Weld1.Part1 = Part1 -- Part 1 and 2 are both dots
    Weld1.Parent = Line

    local Weld2 ="WeldConstraint")
    Weld2.Part0 = Line
    Weld2.Part1 = Part2
    Weld2.Parent = Line
Can anyone tell me how to upload videos or photos cause I don't know how thx. Rayguyban2 76 — 2mo

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