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How do I make a tool that makes you say dialog? [closed]

Asked by 7 months ago
Edited 7 months ago

I want to make a tool that makes you say a dialog (like a spell or something) . I am just not sure how to do it.

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Answered by 7 months ago

So we can do that using this function from the service Chat

So, first thing is it parameters:

partOrCharacter: has to be an instance, its the part that the message should appear above

message: Has to be a string, its the message.

color: This is the color the message will have, use this for reference when setting


This is going to display a BubbleChat above the player head.

--// Services
local Players = game:GetService("Players") 
local ChatService = game:GetService("Chat")

--// Constants
local Player = Players.LocalPlayer
local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()

ChatService:Chat(Character.Head, "Message", Enum.ChatColor.Green)