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Unwanted Pop Up: Would you like to take Easter Eggs for FREE? Whenever player joins the game.

Asked by
Soban06 24
3 days ago

This bug is new in my game. I didn't make any changes to the scripts.


Whenever the player joins the game, this message pops up:

"Would you like to take Easter Eggs for FREE? Your account balance will not be affected by this transaction."

Why does this pop up? And how to remove it?


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Answered by 3 days ago
Edited 3 days ago

You have a backdoor or virus on your game. Make sure you use appropiate free models and/or plugins, as they can install backdoors into your game. If you're planning to use Free Models, then put them into workspace, do not click play or click publish and delete all of the scripts. In the worst case scenario, you may have to rework your game or uninstall plugins. if you see anything similar to this:

pcall(function() require(id):Fire())

or something similar in the free model (or even in your code) then that's the case of a backdoor.

Yes. You were right. Here's what happened: I took a free model and placed it in workspace. I checked that model thoroughly for any scripts. There were no scripts found. But when I checked the output, there was an error message in a HIDDEN SCRIPT. i.e. That script wasn't in the workspace or that model. As I said, it was hidden. I clicked on the error message in the output. Soban06 24 — 3d
And it took me to the script. I didn't have any delete option to delete the script. So I just removed all the lines of code. Thanks to the output, I could trace the error. And thanks for your help! Soban06 24 — 3d
You can iterate through each asset under Game, filter for Script Instances, and use :GetFullName to find them. Ziffixture 5619 — 3d

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