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ViewPortFrame not tweening with my script?

Asked by 4 days ago

What I want is that when my datastore scripts get loaded from the ServerScriptService, it fires a RemoteEvent that runs the Intro script below. It fires the event, and the script works perfectly. But the ViewPortFrame doesn't tween from it's position.

local ViewPortFrame = script.Parent.ViewPortFrame
ViewPortFrame.Position =,0,0,0)

    ViewPortFrame:TweenPosition(,0,0,0), Enum.EasingDirection.Inout,Enum.EasingStyle.Circular, 10)

It doesn't show errors.

1 answer

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Answered by 1 day ago

Now I know the reason. it is because that function GuiObject:TweenPosition() doesn't support the Enum.EasingStyle.Circular or Enum.EasingStyle.Exponential . Now I have put any other EasingStyle and it works perfectly!!


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