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Player not moving with the moving brick while standing on it?

Asked by
Soban06 24
4 days ago

So I have a moving brick. It moves from one place to the other and then back continuously. When the player stands on the brick, the is brick is supposed to move and the player to keep standing on the brick. i.e. not to be left behind when the brick just goes.

So the problem is as above, I have this code in my brick which moves it from one place to another:

local Part = game.Workspace.mb1 -- Change this to your part
local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService") 
local Pos =, 10.75, -0.43) -- Change this to the position you want part to move to

local Moving_Info =
    2, --the amount of seconds you want it to take
    -1, --The amount of time you want it to repeat
    true, --Whether you want it to reverse back to the original position when it's done
    0 -- how much time should delay between each repitition

TweenService:Create(Part, Moving_Info, {Position = Pos}):Play()

But when the player stands on the brick and when the brick starts moving, the player just falls. I want the player to stay on the brick while the brick is moving.


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