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Is using models from the toolbox ok if the other person doesnt know i am using them?

Asked by 4 days ago
Edited 4 days ago

So today I found a bunch of models that I would like to use for my game. Then I later realized that all of these models were made by the same person after implementing them into my game and rather than deleting them all I wanted to make sure this was allowed. I literally have like 100 models all made by one person who I don't even know and It seems wrong to just take all these and use them for my own game so I wanted to know if this was even allowed on roblox.

Btw: idk if she even made ALL of them I just know all the parts I need are in her models. Thats why idk whether to give credits

Free models were made *by* developers *for* developers. There is nothing wrong with using free models. You don't need to give credits, and you probably don't even know if the account you got them from actually made the models in the first place. When you upload a free model you basically forfeit your rights to it. You can't enforce copyright on them anymore. incapaz 194 — 4d

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