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[PLEASE HELP] GUI content gets deleted for plugin?

Asked by 8 days ago
Edited 8 days ago

So, I had the idea of making a plugin. It had a GUI. But, when I tested the plugin, all the content of a Frame in the ScreenGui got deleted. What is happening? Link to the file is here:

Click me to download the file

looks like your missing your Scene[n] objects and a TextButton object. Also is this run from within a Script inside the workspace?, you need to either publish the script as a plugin or make it a local plugin for debugging via right click >>"Save as Local Plugin" Also move your main script inside your gui object TGazza 210 — 8d
Also You don't need this [" gui.Parent = game.CoreGui "] bit since we're creating a plugin not moving the script inside the plugin folder as this wouldn't work due to secuirity and any workspace or local scripts cannot access the plugin folder TGazza 210 — 8d
The guis were mainly in the frame. For some reason, they got deleted. DragonSpawner12 56 — 7d

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