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How do you save a players lot?

Asked by 3 days ago

So my question is how do you save a player's lot. If that is confusing, what I mean is like in that Skyblock game where they save how your island looks. I want to figure out how to do that because I want to make a farm game but I feel like people wouldn't play it if they lost all their progress when they leave the game. I slightly understand how data stores work to save cash but if someone could lead me in a direction or tell me what to use to do this it would be very nice. Thank!

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Answered by 3 days ago

They probably created some type of block object that stores the properties of every block on the island, e.g.

local block = {
    Name = "Grass",
    Color =, 1, 0),
    Position =, 50, 2)

and store these in a DataStore.

oh that makes sense, thanks! GooseStranger 32 — 2d

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