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How can I navigate a gui while in shiftlock?

Asked by 2 months ago

My new game relies on the fact that players are always in shiftlock. However, how can I navigate a gui without the cursor?

Hey I wish your game the very best! For the answer: Select the button where you wish to click or be able to touch, then go to properties, then scroll down to find the option to turn on "Modal", once true you can move you mouse freely! Hope this helped! Nuzixa 4 — 2mo
Thanks for this! The only thing is my mouse is invisible. Is there a fix for that? Thanks. Also, my game isn't actually in shift lock. I'm using Roblox's guns, which simulate shiftlock on all devices, but don't actually give you the option to toggle between them. jmarsh33 7 — 2mo
Hi Jmarsh, sorry for the long wait! I believe if you didn't have shift lock on it wont show it, but you want shiftlock, so I'm not sure how to fix the issue, sorry! You can make it highlight the button when you hover over it to make it easier to see, but that's about it. Nuzixa 4 — 2mo

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