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Bank Exchange Script Not working. Not Accepting Gold Amount Changing?

Asked by 7 days ago

This is where the error is i beleive

if Selling.Changed then
local Selling = leaderstats.Gold
        Currency.Value = Currency.Value + Selling.Value *10
        Selling.Value = 0

`its exchanging gold to money but it think i have 0 gold. Yet i put changed in there to check if the value changed? I dont understand.

You need to change gold via server, if you do via local script, it wont be replicated Leamir 2703 — 7d
ok Nervousmrmonkey2 71 — 7d
You can use remote events to solve this because like Leamir said it wont replicate to the server. JustinWe12 39 — 7d

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