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How do I fix a 'Error while processing packet' error?

Asked by 9 days ago
Edited 9 days ago

I'm currently trying to fix the Cloud 9 Snowboard for a small remake of Snowblox (one of the games in the 2014 winter games event).

I've fixed the tool itself (how you put down the snowboard), but when I get on the snowboard (SkateboardPlatform), the game disconnects with the following error outputted in the output log:

10:52:33.831 - Error while processing packet.
10:52:33.831 - Error while processing packet: Attempt to set Workspace.RGames1234 as its own parent (packet id: 131, packet length: 98)

(The snowboard script which controls movement and the gui is a LocalScript)

I'm not that great with scripting so I'm not too sure what is causing this, and I don't think what I've looked up is the correct way to fix this judging from the output. Attempt to set Workspace.RGames1234 as its own parent

I'm not sure if this was the correct way to ask this question, and I think this question may be rejected from the site. It's one of the only ways I can find out what is causing it and how to fix it however.

I personally think it possibly could be a overload of events, but I want to make sure I know what it is before I accidentally break something important.

If anyone has knowledge on what causes these types of errors, I would like to know.

Quick Edit: I should have given you all the model containing the tool and the SnowboardPlatform, so here it is. Sorry!

Thanks, RGames1234.

Nice Explanation , But what line number is the error on? where is the script ? ? ? Tizzel40 225 — 9d
I don't know what line it is on, but I can give you a model containing the Tool and the SnowboardPlatform: RGames1234 22 — 9d

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