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How do I scale something in one axis in a tween?

Asked by
TtuNkK 17
8 days ago

I'm trying to tween my arm. I want to scale it by its y-axis, but this is inside of a table, so I can't set the variable as Size.Y.

local arm = {character.RightHand, character.RightLowerArm, character.RightUpperArm}
local scalefactor = 3

for i,v in pairs(arm) do
    local pos = v.Position
    local offset = pos - dialationCentre
    offset = offset * scalefactor

    local Goals =
    Position = dialationCentre + offset;
    Size.Y = v.Size.Y * scalefactor
    local gomuTween = Tween:Create(v, info, Goals)

I'm doing some dialation thing, so that way the arm scales correctly. The scalefactor is how much the part of the arm will scale in the y axis, but it will scale in all axis if I have it to only Size = Size.v * scalefactor. How can I make it where it only scales in the y axis, but still have the variable as "Size"?

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Answered by 8 days ago

You can multiply it by scaling vector. Using a single part as an example...

local arm = character.RightUpperArm
-- This will scale the X axis by 1, Y by 3, and Z by 1
-- This means that X and Z will stay the same while Y increases by a factor of 3
local scale =,3,1)

local goal = {Size = arm.Size * scale}
local tween = Tween:Create(arm, info, goal)

This will obviously cause offset issues with colliding parts, but those can be fixed with a bit of tinkering.

Also a small warning, I discovered an engine bug a while ago that happens when you tween the size of welded parts. It prevents the client to client movement replication so it looks like clients are walking in place.

Do I just change the scalefactor to that? TtuNkK 17 — 8d
Didn't work rip TtuNkK 17 — 8d

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